Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Be Thankful for Cool Morning Rides

The past several mornings have been in the low to mid 30's when I leave for work. Some of my northern biker friends would love to be enjoying weather this "warm", and I am, but I call it cold weather, therapeutic, riding. The beauty of South Georgia is that I do not have to worry about snow on these cool morning rides in mid-December. I just fill my thermos with coffee, throw on my cold weather riding gear, back out of the garage, and head out for a nice clean air ride. I'm not sure if it is the season or the cool crisp air, but being on my Harley in the early morning really gets the brain flowing. It is amazing the amount of thinking you can do on your ten minute ride in to work. As I watch people drive past in their cages, cell phone attached to their ears, makeup in hand, kids yelling in the back seat, and I'm sure music blaring I thank God for blessing me with this quiet time I have on my bike. Then I wonder, when do these people get their quiet time? Do they ever turn their phones off, cut the music down, roll down their windows, and tell their kids to listen to the melody of the outdoors. Let them smell what is in the air, look at the trees, birds, deer, and laugh when someone squints their nose as they pass the latest road kill. I hope they do it often, but I am saddened to the reality that I’m sure it rarely happens if at all. Many times in this fast paced world adults forget what is important, their priorities get mixed up, and their quiet time with family and friends gets lost. So when you are out on the road, the bike is in the garage, and you are cruising in the cage with your family, bless them with what you get to experience on your bike. Roll down the windows, put down the phones and games, and just listen, see, smell, and feel the gift that God gave us to enjoy called the outdoors. Ride Safe, Ride Often, Hitman

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